High Quality Coatings and Splashbacks in Melbourne

ACM Coatings is dedicated to and pride ourselves in giving our clients the best quality and long lasting spray painting service. Our years of experience in providing high quality splashbacks in Melbourne have allowed us to enhance the style and functionality of countless kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas.

We can prepare and paint any type of material, whether it is glass, metal, timber, or plastic. You can even have a custom design added to any surface that you want coated. We use only the highest quality paints and primers for a long lasting, immaculate finish.

Based in Seaford, we are well situated to offer spray painting to Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Professionally sprayed paint offers an exceptionally smooth finish to any properly prepared surface or material.  We have worked with wood, MDF, Metals and PVC and we can spray paint almost any item you like, including the obvious such as trailers, horse floats, cars and motorcycles, through to less commonly thought of items such as machines, shop fittings, domestic joinery, commercial interiors, even high profile corporate fit outs and signage.

We are dedicated to providing a consistently high quality spray painting services to our clients, with customer satisfaction being of the utmost importance.  If you want to know the best finish in a given situation we can advise the most appropriate finish for your needs. 

Our state-of-the ľart facilities mean that we can achieve exceptional high quality surface finishes so if you are looking for spray painting in Melbourne or surrounding areas then contact us, we will deliver on time and in budget.